Research Data

Post Type: Urban Legend

Type: Spirit

Location: Japan

Date of sighting: Unknown

Persons of interest: None

Results: Unsolved

Kashima Reiko

Kashima Reiko (also known as Teke Teke) is a Japanese urban legend of a woman who lived in a city of the island  Hokkaido, in Japan. A group of men follow her when she was leaving the train station at night. They attack her before she could leave the empty train station. the beat and abused her badly. They left her there for dead. She tried to call for help, but no one was around to hear her screams for help. Then Kashima Reiko tried to crawl to the nearest building but fell into a railway track. Because of the loss of blood, she soon fell unconscious. Not long after, the last train made its appearance. Some stories say that the last second before the train passes over her, she regains consciousness.  Her last thoughts were not about her will to live but of revenge. The impact of the train cut her in half and took her life. But the will of her anger and her need for revenge made her an onryo. A vengeful spirit.  Kashima Reiko now wanders the island Hokkaido in search of her revenge and her legs.

kashima reiko

Kashima Reiko

She appears as a teenage girl with her legs missing. In many tales, you cannot see her face, only her mouth. Some tales describe Kashima Reiko holding a weapon. A scythe in her right hand or scissors on her left. As always, there is a warning that if you hear or read the story she will come and hunt you.

In many urban legends, she appears in a bathroom, in a dark valley, and in your dreams, In some of them, you just hear her voice. Below is a reference from a tale that see appears in the victim’s dreams.

If Kashima Reiko appears in your dream, she will ask you some questions.

“Do you need your legs?”

You should answer,

“I need them.”

Then she will ask you,

“Where did you hear about me?”

“From Kashima-san.”